Apparently, Amazon invented the WWW

Tim Berners Lee – behind you!

Amazon has been selling stuff online since as far back as 1973, at least if you believe this:


In fact, Google lists over 51,000 pages with this date on Amazon. And mind you – it is the exact date September 4 1973, not a day less, nor a day more.

Of course, some geeks may claim this has to do with some Amazon programmers’ default value, but the POSIX time for this date is just a boring 115945200, not some fun number like 1234567890. I prefer to attribute this to some evil Bezosish conspiracy theory, now I just need to figure out what it was.


5 responses to “Apparently, Amazon invented the WWW

  1. Birthday of Stacy Sanches, playmate of the year 1996.

  2. Actually, the first male full frontal nudity in Playboy — Johnny Crawford, September 1973 issue (source).

  3. Actually, The Likud party was founded at the same day, which explains everything.,12688,,00.html?cfd=4&cfm=9&cfy=1973

    • Uri, what a treasure trove! even with these tiny sized front pages (can’t believe they want to charge for this) the main title is still readable, good history lessons…

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